This Blood Pressure Monitor Is Selling Out Every Week! We Got One To Test And See Why!

By Richard Meyer - NOV 17, 2022
in Health Tech

You're Going To Love These Results...

Since its release, we have had so many readers request a review of this device. The benefits of taking your blood pressure to your general health are endless, especially if you use the right device. People who are young, active, and seemingly healthy may be at risk of many dangerous illnesses if their blood pressure is not measured properly. 

Online reviews of iHomedoc are overwhelmingly positive featuring amazing reviews from users due to its smart measure technology, early blood pressure diagnosis, cutting off health care costs, GHTF(The Global Harmonization Task Force) approved and much more. Although initially interested, we withheld our final judgment until the product had been thoroughly tested by our resident expert.

Now we have it...

Set It Up In Minutes...

Within 2 days of ordering, we received the iHomedoc blood pressure monitoring device, and on first look, we were amazed by its portable lightweight size, modern sleek design & easy cuff design makes it more appealing. 

Easily fits on a bedside cabinet, and works with just a click. It will be your personal blood pressure monitoring assistant so that you are able to do more of what you enjoy while recovering quickly at home without spending on expensive treatments.

Say Goodbye To Hypertension

We began by assessing the device's ability to assist people in recovering from hypertension. With upwards of 1 in 4 men and one in 5 women suffering from the condition, over one billion people worldwide are affected by it.

Our volunteers for real-time product testing were both males and females out of which 30% were in the age range of 18-39 years and 70% were from the 60+ age group. All of the volunteers were the patient of hypertension and were experiencing its symptoms which includes early morning headaches, nosebleeds, irregular heart rhythms, vision changes, and buzzing in the ears while several participants from the 60+ age group had some severe symptoms like fatigue, nausea, vomiting, confusion, anxiety, chest pain, and muscle tremors. Also, all of the volunteers were from the middle class and lower-middle-class group so they weren't able to afford costly treatments, surgeries, and doctor appointments.

Keeping all this in mind we decided to test iHomedoc blood pressure monitor to determine if it can be their life savior. Within just one week of use, we started receiving tons of volunteer positive responses and for some of them, it was an unreal experience.

99% Accurate Readings Paired Some Surprise Features...

Upon the first use, volunteers reported that within a few seconds the monitor showed up the results and provided them with both systolic and diastolic pressure readings. Besides this, the monitor was able to detect and show the irregular heartbeat of the patient as well. Setup time was very quick due to the provided user manual. Some of the participants cross-checked the device readings with the usual blood pressure cuff and stethoscope method and were amazed by the results because it was 99% accurate with some additional information and metrics as well.

ZERO Assistance Required...

They had no trouble fitting the semi-rigid cuff on their arms and fastened it with just one hand instead of fiddling around with a regular floppy cuff. As a result, they were able to take their blood pressure without any help from the doctor. They just pressed a button, and the machine did the rest. Since they were truly at rest, rather than fiddling with gauges and pumping on bulbs, the BP measurements were more accurate.

Doctors Loved it Too...

Some of our participants visited the doctor to take a review of the product from them and surprisingly doctors loved it and even some of the doctors ordered the device for their use as well and recommended their other patients too for home blood pressure monitoring.

Why They Called It A VALUE BOMB...

Aside from its exceptional performance, its exceptional build quality, modern technology, affordable price, and advanced features make it the perfect blood pressure monitor for everyone.

Double User Memory

240 memory capacity supports two users with their records. The average is calculated by taking the average of the last three readings. This system automatically takes the last three readings and then displays the average.

Large Wide-Range Cuff

Designed to fit adult arm sizes 8.7" to 15.7" (22-40 cm) for a more comfortable fit.

Thoughtful Design for You:

The blood pressure machine auto-detects if the cuff is correctly positioned and will indicate you with √or × icons on the display. The large blood pressure cuff can also catch body movements so it can remind you of your correct posture. It gives different air pressure according to the blood pressure.

Easy to Use, Easy to Read...

The user manual tells you how to set it up and get it working. Once you press Start/Stop, it starts measuring. It's a practical home & travel device that shows you your blood pressure level and tells you if it's in a normal range based on WHO classifications.

More To Your Numbers Than Just Numbers

They are indicators of your state of health. 

Large LCD Display, featuring clear, supersized number values showing systolic, diastolic, pulse rate, date, time, and user data.

One Button Operation, allows for straightforward measurement. Even for older people or people who don't know how to use them, it's a breeze.

WHO indicator bar stands for World Health Organization. The traffic light scale on the edge of the display side shows you in which range the measured value is positioned.

Arrhythmia detection, to make sure you know your heart rate and alert you to any issues early on. If it detects an irregular heartbeat, you'll see an indicator on the screen.

24/7 Customer Support...

iHomedoc offers round-the-clock customer service for all customers, which is above and beyond what most companies are able to deliver. In addition, they have a CAST-IRON money-back guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied, you can send the device back within 30 days for a full, no-fuss refund. We really value service like this for our readers.

Where To Buy...

No other blood pressure monitor we tested was able to match iHomedoc on Global Medical Cleared, high grade ACCURACY, ease of use... or price! In our opinion, this is a no-brainer and a key reason why iHomedoc gets our top marks.

Currently, iHomedoc is running a limited 50% discount on their website, which has resulted in an incredible rise in demand.

To take advantage of their special offer while stock is still available, visit their official website, and say goodbye to hypertension today.


Elphine Darcel

I use this blood pressure monitor every day. It works well and is easy to use. As far as I can tell, it is accurate.

Ashutosh Nirala

Easy to use,  great for two users. You can switch between user A and B and it will store all the history of each user and also give you an average of each user. The funny thing is I went to see my Dr and they had the exact same one in the office - maybe a different brand but looked exactly the same. Good purchase so far.

Tracey Mahoney

My doctor could write this review!We compared and it's result was spot on the one he uses with the stethoscope! He said this is perfect, just what you need with no confusing features. Simple, accurate, I don't have to keep making appointments to check my blood pressure in the office. I check my pressure everyday and write it in a notebook. Doctor's happy, I'm happy, win win!

T. Knox

It is easy to use. Battery life also so good. Accuracy of measure is so good. Display quality also very good, you can neetly read the measure of blood pressure, oxygen level, tress..... I bought it & after use of 5month I write review here, as a medical student I personally suggest this iHomedoc blood pressure measure machine for buy

Nate Rose

BP reading is accurate as it matches the reading at the doctor's office. I like the cuff as well. I have tiny arms and it adjusts nicely to the size of my arms.

Ronald Chapman

This is a good product for patients who have irregular blood pressure and also, keeping a medical equipment at home helps you in many situations... Readings are pretty accurate till date, and I have to use it daily.So it's good. Go for it . Worth the money.

John Carlo Santos

My family uses this product to keep our blood pressure under control. The instructions are easy to understand and the product is easy to use. I'm happy with the purchase. It's worth every penny. I encourage families to have this product at home to keep your health in check as health is real wealth.

1 Std.LikeReply
Felicia Sandoval

This BP monitor is what made me decide to go to the ER when I was pregnant. Turns out I had preeclampsia advanced to the severe stage and delivery had to be induced to save my and baby's life. Thank you.

1 Std.LikeReply
Eric Capri

It makes it easy to take your blood pressure daily with this great product! I am quite pleased with how it work.

1 Std.LikeReply
Rabia Khan

I have to track my blood pressure daily due to medication I'm prescribed. This unit is very easy to use. I really like the cuff design. It's easily installed and removed one handed. The cuff design allows one to install on the upper arm snugly. I would recommend to others considering purchasing a blood pressure monitor.

2 Std.LikeReply
Dr. Ken

I bought this for my mother who needs to check her blood pressure daily so she doesn't have to drive to my house. It's been very easy for her to figure out and use on her own- which is super helpful. So far, so good.

2 Std.LikeReply
M. Adams

I had to replace a wrist cuff BP monitor because of error readings.  The RN who checks on me weekly said doctors she knew said the wrist cuffs tended to give higher readings.  This new arm cuff is comfortable and easy to use.  The monitor is very easy to set up to keep a history and can be recorded for two people. I like it and the reading is very consistent.

3 Std.LikeReply
Leah Won

I really like this blood pressure monitor with upper arm cuff. I like the arm cuff, so it's easier to get on and off. I feel like I finally got one that I like and can depend on. Very happy!

4 Std.LikeReply
Misty Faucheux

I found this product best. No need to go to hospital for just a bp checkup. It gives the result quickly, Either if you do not know how to use. It has a manual too. It's so simple

4 Std.LikeReply
Katherine Ruggles

Everyone in my family only buys iHomedoc now. They make the best and most Accurate blood pressure machine on the market, and they last the longest! Stop wasting money on the other ones and give this a try, it will be the best you've ever had!!!

6 Std.LikeReply
Krinjal Jain

This equipment can give repeatable measurements and is quite accurate. I brought this for my parents to measure the BP on their own. It is very easy to use and the product fit and finish are also quite good. It is sturdy enough for normal usage.

6 Std.LikeReply

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